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A perfect condominium is defined by the facilities and amenities offered in the area. These facilities determine how life will be in the community. Monte Royale Residences is a community built on a large piece of land, providing space for lots of modern amenities and facilities. Here are some of the amenities that make this community the best home to invest in.

Security Systems

The developer has installed systems to ensure that every resident is safe and secure. First, this is a gated community with an electric perimeter wall. You cannot access the premises unless you come through the gate. At the gate, there are security personnel guarding the community in ensuring that no unauthorized persons are accessing the area. Secondly, every unit has an alarm system that connects directly to the security personnel. Thirdly, there are lots of CCTVs around the community to monitor any suspicious activity.

Leisure Facilities and Amenities

You don’t have to go out of the community to entertainment places as some of the facilities you need are within the community. For kids, there is a children playground that is accessible by every resident. The playground has playing items such as swings and bouncing castles. The community also has two swimming pools; one for adults and the other for kids. Do you love playing basketball? You will love our classy basketball court built inside the community. There is also a tea garden and a clubhouse you can visit to spend your leisure time. If you want to hold a graduation, birthday party or a bash with your friends, you can use the Multi-purpose hall which is within the property.

Water and Power Supply Facilities

The developer has also invested in backup facilities to ensure that residents have adequate supply of power and water. First, there is a centralized water reservoir system that supplies all homes with water. The reservoir is large enough to facilitate 24/7 water supply.

There is also a standby power generator that serves all residences. In case of a power blackout in the area, all homes are lit by the standby power generator. You don’t have to worry about logged water in the area there is a functional underground drainage system for all units.

Parking and Roads

Monte Royale Residences provides its residents with ample car parking. If you own a car, then you don’t have to worry of where to park your car. There is a car park at every house unit for the occupant. Across the community, there are also concrete roads that connect these homes to the gate.

  • Covered basketball court
  • Children’s playgrounds
  •  Landscape open spaces
  • Commercial complex
  • Pool
  • Pool Deck
  • Function Hall – 250 pax
  • Al Fresco Dining Area
  • Parking Area
  • 4 guest Rooms
  • Coffeeshop Services
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